Dynamics of patient satisfaction from health care services

Iftikhar Ahmad, Allah Nawaz, Siraj ud Din


Background: Patient satisfaction is a critical issue for healthcare providers. It is a complex attitude because a multitude of variables have been identified as its predictors. Diversity in patients’ demographics also moulds their perceptions about hospital facilities and services.

Methodology: This study measures the changes brought in the patient satisfaction of admitted patients in different wards in the public sector hospitals in district D.I.Khan. Primary data was collected through survey approach with systematic random sampling from 176 patients. A structured questionnaire was extracted from the literature relating to the patients’ satisfaction from healthcare services.

Results: Males were 55 and females 121. Urbans were 33, Rural 103 and Suburbans 40. Representation from lower, middle and upper class was 16, 155 and 5 respectively. Twenty-eight patients were younger than 20 years whereas 20-40 years, 40-60 years and 60 or more were 82, 42 and 24 respectively. Female patients were more satisfied than males regarding treatment and management. While patients coming from suburbs were more satisfied with management of the hospitals and patients from middle class were satisfied with general environment of the hospital and elderly (age 60 and above) with management.

Conclusion: This study identified different demographic variables affecting their perception toward service delivery system of public sector hospitals. Young and middle-aged males from poor socio-economic class and rural background were least satisfied. These groups need more focus while planning and managing the healthcare system.

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