Mohammed Hamid Karrar Alsharif, Mamoun Abdelwahab Alfaki, Juman Mahmoud Almasaad, Nagi Mahmoud Bakhit, Abubaker Yousif Elamin, Khalid Mohammed Taha


The anatomical variations of psoas minor muscle (PMM) vary greatly in terms of agenesis, attachments and morphology based on race and gender. In the current study, we report an extremely rare condition of distal attachment of psoas minor muscle during our routine dissection of a 52-year-old female body cadaver. We observed that the psoas minor muscle insertion was unique where it was inserted to the lesser trochanter of the femur. We believe that understanding these variations is essential to the effective execution and planning of radiological and surgical procedures and the correlation with many clinical conditions. 


Psoas Minor Muscle; Female; Cadaver; Muscles; Lesser Trochanter; Abdominal Wall; Vertebra.

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